Acid-curing, one component silicone sealant for a range of general sealing and glazing applications. It provides a strong adhesion and suitable for use on common non-porous building materials.

• It is suitable for moisture resistant bonding and laminating of practically all hard, soft and exotic types of wood.

• Water Resistant (EN 204 D3), Ideal for internal and external applications,Transparent when dry, It becomes D4 when used with %5 Leramelt hardener

• Suitable for gluing all types of wood, wooden materials and flat laminates

• Wood to wood, soft and hardboard,synthetic resin board and chipboard

• Suitable for fixing cardboard, paper or textile backed pvc cloth to wood and board

• Outdoor timber constructions such as window-frames and external doors

• Suitable for moisture-resistant bonds which have to fulfill high demands.

Apply the adhesive with a brush or some other tool in an even and thin layer on one or both parts. Let penetrate for a few minutes, then assemble the parts and clamp or press for 30-60 minutes. The desired pressure is 2-5 kg/cm².