It is water based, single component adhesive which can be applied by 1.8 mm pistol. It is used in membrane vacuum press machines for adhering all the standard quality foils onto MDF.

Due to good spraying feature, It provides both homogeneous, easy
application and maximum quality in bonding bright and thin foils.

* In order to use the glued surfaces in the machine, they should be waited to get dry in somewhere cleaned from dust for at least 30 minutes (in 20 °C).* The open time of adhesive can vary due to amount of the adhesive, environment temprature and the type of the surface.

* It can be used in both foreign and domestic machines.

* It needs to be stored at +5°C and +30°C environment temprature.

* It can be applied by 1.8mm pistol

* Shelf life is 6 months after production date.

* Packing in 20kg plastic tin.