It is a water based PVAc. wood glue specially formulated in D3 norms for professionals and high quality wood works.


It is suitable for moisture resistant bonding and laminating of practically all hard, soft and exotic types of wood.

Water Resistant (EN 204 D3), Ideal for internal and external applications,Transparent when dry, It becomes D4 when used with %5 Leramelt hardener


1100 – 50 – 30 – 10 – 3 - 1 Kg and 500Gr


• Suitable for gluing all types of wood, wooden materials and flat laminates

• Wood to wood, soft and hardboard,synthetic resin board and chipboard

• Suitable for fixing cardboard, paper or textile backed pvc cloth to wood and board

• Outdoor timber constructions such as window-frames and external doors

• Suitable for moisture-resistant bonds which have to fulfill high demands.


Apply the adhesive with a brush or some other tool in an even and thin layer on one or both parts. Let penetrate for a few minutes, then assemble the parts and clamp or press for 30-60 minutes. The desired pressure is 2-5 kg/cm².