It is PVA Based adhesive which gets transparent when it dries. It is used for adhering different types of woods, and especially used for producing water and moisture resistance furniture, woodworkings, door, stairs. Due to its suitable viscosity, it can be applied by adhesive roller, and it can be used in cold press applications in door manufacturing.


  • * Press time is 25-30 mins at 20°C for cold press applications.
  • * In manual applications, it must be left to clamp for at least 35-45 minutes. (at 20°C).
  • * Working temprature must be over +10°C
  • * It cannot be stored below +5°C and above +30 °C
  • * Keeps away from cold weather.
  • * Shelf life is 12 months after production date.
  • * Packing in 1100 – 50 – 30 – 10 – 3kg plastic drums