They are adhesives that contain a large amount of solvent as a solvent. Solvent-based adhesives are preferred in production due to the fact that their drying times can be adjusted as desired, they have many superior properties such as superior bonding power and resistance to humid environments.

Solvent-based adhesives are used in all kinds of post-forming, coating and applications requiring high heat resistance.

Upholstery Adhesive

LR 302

It is single component adhesive, ready to use, general purpose, solvent based adhesive. It is applicable with glue pistol (1.5-1.8mm). It is applied directly to the surfaces to be bonded and the pieces brought together for bonding. Upholstery adhesive can be used for bonding bedding foam, jute blankets, mattresses, bed , sofa and armchair fabrics, Mdf, wood, metal etc. it can be applied both double sided or single and it also a perfect initial tack.

Product Features

•Solvent Based, elastomeric
•Red & Transparent
•Rapid Curing
•High initial tack.

Packing:  245 Kg - 15 Kg

Contact Adhesive

LR 301

Contact Glue is polychloroprene based adhesive to use in general purpose. Using with formica, plastic and metal sheets, furniture upholstery, bonding of tape and cover to edges of various furniture, installation and repair Works, bonding of small diameter coatings. Also can be used for adhering rubber on to metal surfaces.

•Color : Yellow
•Packing : 245 Kg - 15 Kg

Postforming Adhesive

LR 902

It is a solvent based general-purpose adhesive which can be applied by 1.8 mm pistol. Due to its suitable viscosity, it provides maximum surface quality in postforming applications and bonding standard quality thin, thick, bright laminates on to MDF Due to its short open time, it provides fast setting on the surfaces which adhesive is applied. (5-10 mins. at 20 °C) The open time of adhesive can vary due to amount of the adhesive, environment temprature and the type of the material(absorbent or non-absorbent) (5-10 mins. at 20 °C). It is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used for bonding various type of natural coverings onto absorbent surfaces such as MDF.

• Red & Transparent
• Packing : 245 Kg - 15 Kg

PVC & Aluminium Wrapping

LR 502

LR 502 (Cold Glue) is a light yellow coloured,solvent based, double component profile wrapping adhesive. Product must be mixed with LERAMELT HARDENER by %4 - %5 before using.
Recommended to use with LERAMELT PRIMER. It is used to wrap all kind of PVC foil to MDF,PVC,Composite and Aluminium profiles.

Suitable for;


Packing : 25 Kg