In D3 Norm, PVA.c based adhesive which provides bright and smooth layer when dries. It has stronger resistance when used as double component.

It can be used for bonding every type of wood, as well as bonding every type of laminates and veneers to wood. Due to strong resistance to water and water vapor, it is suitable fort he processes of Windows, cuttings, doors, external door frames, stairs and bonding decorative papers on wooden surfaces. It can be also used in high frequency bonding and montage processes. Also can be used bonding hard and soft chipboards.

– Surface must be free from dust, dirt and oil.
– Application can be done by brush or adhesive roller.
– Proper viscosity can provide homogeneous spread.
– After application, surfaces must be contacted and should be pressed.
– Pressing time varies due to environment condition and amount of adhesive.
– Storing and application must be +10 °C and above.
– Wood humudity must be around %8-12. Higher humudity extend the reaction and activation time.
– It should be considered that viscosity gets higher below 15°C and gets lower above 25°C.
– Water should not be added to adhesive in order to get lower the viscosity.
– Keep away from low temperature.

Density:                      0,97 g/cm3
Appearance:              White Viscos Liquid.
Viscosity:                    14000±1000 CPS/20°C
Open Time:                8 ± 1 min 20°C
Wood to Wood:         30min (+20°C Press) / 8min (+50°C Pres) / 4min (+80°C press)
Veneer to Wood:      20min (+20°C Press) / 5min (+50°C Pres) / 3min (+80°C press)

Shelf life is 12 months

In 30 kg plastic tin.